Timeless Beauties - Trumpeter Swans Giclee Reproduction

Timeless Beauties is a painting of a beautiful cascading waterfall with two trumpeter swans.  The swans are as picturesque as the waterfalls.  It seems like a freeze frame from a place and time long ago.  The pair of swans seem to love this hidden place with all the foliage and their beauty is timeless. 

          Edition Image Approximate Framed Unframed
          Size Size Framed Size Price Price
Canvas Reproduction - Signed & Numbered 95 20" x 30" 30" x 40"  $     495  
(With brown style frame)            
Canvas Reproduction - Signed & Numbered   14.5" x 22" 24" x 31"  $     350  
(With burnished gold style frame)              

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