Summer Bouquet - Chickadees in Yellow  Giclee Reproduction

The painting entitled “Summer Bouquet – Chickadees in Yellow” reminds me of peaceful, lazy afternoon on a warm summer day.  The Chickadees are basking in the sun as they enjoy the bouquet of yellow roses. 

The yellow flower petals reflect their light onto the soft underbellies of the chickadees.  This creates a great deal of harmony in the painting.  I came across this beautiful display of roses by the side of the road on my way to an art workshop in Wyoming.  I had to pull over and photograph them.  My wife tells me that yellow roses are for friendship and so I put the Chickadees in this painting to represent that special bond that friends have and the contentment one feels just enjoying a nice day with a friend.

This Giclee (zhee-KLAY) reproduction was produced from a high-resolution digital scan of the original painting.  Giclee reproductions are superior to traditional lithography in that the colors are brighter, last longer, and the details are crisper.

  Edition   Approximate Framed Unframed
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Canvas Reproduction - Signed & Numbered

95 16" x 10.5" 23" x 17.5" $300  

Paper Reproduction - Signed & Numbered

195 16" x 10.5" 23" x 17.5" $200  

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