Shoreline Seclusion - Whitetail Deer

The inspiration for the painting “Shoreline Seclusion – Whitetail Deer” came from my own personal experience in nature.  A mature buck comes out of the thicket to join another grazing nearby.  It is a tranquil evening along a riverbank in early Fall.  The deer are secluded in this wilderness hidden from view by the trees that hang over the river. 

There are many contrasts between the buck and the doe.  If you look closely at these two, you will notice that even though they are both deer, they are very different as many things are in nature.  The doe is very young, small, graceful and if you could touch her, her coat would be as soft as the play of light through the trees as it reflects on her.  She seems to not have a care in the world as she grazes on grass by the bank.  In contract, the buck is mature, big and strong and has had his share of battles as you can tell by the rough patches of hair on his body where his scars have healed. He keeps a watchful eye for danger and has the wisdom to know the ways of wilderness and how to defend his territory. This is one of my most favorite paintings and I hope you like it too. 

This original painting was done in acrylics on canvas.  It was chosen by the Society of Animal Artists to be shown in the Animals in Art Exhibition.  

Signed and numbered, limited edition reproductions of this painting are available for purchase.  Just click here to view availability, sizes, framing and prices.

  This painting is sold, however reproductions are available



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