Return of Winter - Cardinals in Snow

This painting is sold, however reproductions are available

The painting “Return of Winter – Cardinals in Snow” is set in late Fall, early Winter.  As you can see the leaves of the Sumac have turned from green to red but haven’t fallen yet.  The snow came early this year.  Often times in nature you can expect the unexpected.  Cardinals have always been one of my favorite birds.  In this painting you can see two warm colorful male cardinals against the contrasting cool color of snow.  The snow looks like it sparkles.  I made the actual snow color a cool purplish blue tone and used pure white to make the snow appear to sparkle.  There is something magical about the outdoors just after a fresh fallen snow.  The birds and the squirrels come out and you can hear nature all around.  

This original painting was done in acrylics on canvas.  

Signed and numbered, limited edition reproductions of this painting are available for purchase.  Just click here to view availability, sizes, framing and prices.


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